Welcome to Operation Civilian Support

“Troops don’t come home to government programs; they come home to their families, neighbors and communities. Communities must step up to embrace troops and veterans, particularly once their battle buddies are no longer by their side. They need new battle buddies, but this time from their communities—people who can assist them in transitioning their skills, knowledge and attributes into civilian life and organizations. Government programs can’t do it alone, but independent organizations working  together at a community level can.” 

Army Col. David Sutherland, Special Assistant to the Joint Chiefs of Staff for Warrior and Family Support 

Operation Civilian Support "Post"-Conference 

We want to provide you with a brief understanding of our organization, "Operation Civilian Support." On May 11th, we hosted a conference at Washington University that brought the four critical elements of our process together into one room: Military/Veterans, Civilians/Mentors, Service Providers /Resource Groups and Companies/Institutions/Start-Ups.  We believe that if you want to hit your target, it is best to aim for the Center Mass. The four components noted above are the four essential quadrants of our process.  Each of those quadrants will be needed for us to accomplish our mission and hit our target.  

Please take a moment to learn about Operation Civilian Support by watching the videos from our conference throughout this website. We want you to experience the conference as if you were there.  Once you have an understanding of who we are, consider joining the OCS Joint Task Force and help us accomplish our mission and take out our target.   

Operation Civilian Support was excited to join some of our closest friends on November 9th, 2017 at CIC St. Louis for the launch of Operation Center Mass. Operation Center Mass is our strategic initiative to build the platform of change. We were able to honor and celebrate our military during this exceptional day. The transition from military service back to civilian life can be one filled with obstacles. Our goal is to reduce, if not eliminate, those obstacles by creating a platform of collective impact.
At the same time that we are honoring our nation’s heroes, we want to celebrate the great work done by our engaged civilians, mentors, resource groups, service providers, companies and higher education teammates. It takes a strong community to affect the change that is required for this impact.


Operation Center Mass

The Joint Task ForcE Mission 

Learn more about the Operation Civilian Support Joint Task Force, join our Task Force and help us take out our target and accomplish our mission.

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The Mission Target

After you join, bring your skills, resources, experience,  and most importantly, your desire to serve. Help us accomplish our mission and take out our target. 

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The Four Quadrants of Center Mass

Military & Veterans

I dont think we can ever express the full extent of gratitude for your service, because we can't fully comprehend all you have sacrificed and all we have been provided.  However we can be thankful and welcome you back to your "community". Our mission is to take "Thank you for your service" up a level to, "Thank you for your service, how can we serve you."

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Civilians & Mentors

When you realize that nearly 1% of the population provides the freedom and protection for the other 99%, you start to understand the magnitude of what just a fraction of our "community" does for the rest of us.  Join our Task Force and learn how you can serve those who have served us; by being a mentor, volunteering, joining or starting a Military Resource Group at your company.

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Resource & Service Providers

Through many discussions with numerous Military Support Organizations, our "community" is filled with exceptional people who have the heart to serve.  Our objective is to bring more awareness to the great work you are doing. Join our Task Force to learn more about how your organization can be a part of our "Transition to Success" map.

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Companies, Educators & Start-Ups

Do you have a Veteran hiring program and/or a Veteran development program. Do you  want to establish a Veteran program? Do you provide educational services or programs for Veterans? Do you provide resources that enable our Veterans to start and lead their own company? Join our "community" of supportive companies, institutions and incubators focused on helping our Veterans prepare for their Next Mission.

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