Civilians & Mentors

We need to realize that less than 1% of the population provides the freedom and protection for the other 99%. We need to understand the magnitude of what just a fraction of our "community" does for the rest of us. When we also realize that an enlistment in the military provides an individual with a chain of command, a community of brothers and sisters and a process to follow for advancement. They are also trained to depend on each other to win our nation's wars.  By following this protocol, the men and women who serve our nation are provided a pathway to excel in their roles. They recognize the importance of their role and how their role contributes to the success of a mission.  

However, when the men and women transition out of the military, they lose their chain of command, the processes and procedures they are familiar with and have to create a new identity as they choose a new role in the civilian world.

That is where our community - a community of civilians and mentors that need to step up and establish a new chain of command, a sense of community and walk with them so they can transition successfully into the civilian world. 

How can you serve those who have served us?  

Join our Task Force and learn how you can help the men and woman who have served us have a successful transition into their "Next Mission." 

It is our turn to serve... Please take a few moments to meet some of the OCS community who are engaged civilians. They represent the organizations that serve our Veterans, they are truly exceptional people.

Meet Charlie Cartwright

Charlie Cartwright is one of the founders of Operation Civilian Support, his story and his heart for serving the men and women of our military is second to none.  His presentation is an example of what can happen when you have a heart to serve and you surround yourself with exceptional people.

Meet Brett Cox - AUSA St. Louis Chapter President

Brett Cox and the Association of the United States Army (AUSA) are excellent examples of the resources and organizations that are available to our veterans as they transition out of the military.  Brett Cox and AUSA have been critical to the success of Operation Civilian Support. It was an honor to present Brett and AUSA with the OCS Partner of the Year award for 2017. 

Meet Jack Stapleton

There are certain people you meet in this world that you can tell when you first meet them they have a heart for serving others.  Jack Stapleton defines "selfless courage." He was one of the very first supporters of Operation Civilian Support and without his efforts, we would not have accomplished as much as we have.  It was truly an honor to present him with an Operation Civilian Support Partner of the Year award for 2017.

Meet Brandy Scheer

Some of you may wonder as a civilian what role you could play in serving our veterans. How would you go about it? Would it be accepted? Would your support be welcomed?. All you need to do is have a brief conversation with Brandy Scheer to realize the importance of civilian support.  Her heart and her passion for serving our veterans is as good as it gets.  There was no doubt who the Operation Civilian Support Person of the Year would be for 2017 - meet Brandy Scheer.