Your Next Mission - Career - Education - Start-Up

Do you have a veteran hiring program and/or a veteran development program?  

Do you know how many veterans work in your company?  

Do you understand the skill sets of our military trained veterans?  

Do you want to establish a veteran program?  

Do you provide educational services or programs for veterans?  

Do you provide resources that enable our veterans to start and lead their own company?

These are just a few of the questions we ask our employers, educational institutions and start up incubators before we engage with them to ensure they are ready, willing and able to serve the veteran community. The reason we ask those questions is because we want to ensure that the veterans who go through our process end up in the hands of the entities that can continue to develop and finish the transition process for our veterans. 

The obvious question becomes, who are the companies and educational institutions that have a focused effort on serving our veterans.  Don't worry, we are connected to many of them and their willingness to help you with your transition is incredible.  But before we introduce you to a few of them, let us introduce you to your guide.  Someone who has dedicated her life to serving you, our transitioning veterans. Someone who has the experience and know how to help you start your "Next Mission" in life.....

Meet Lida Citroen

Lida is an international branding and reputation management expert who designs and enhances the identities of companies, executives, and professionals. With more than 20 years of experience creating and implementing standout strategies, Lida excels at uncovering and communicating the values that operate at the core of each company and individual. Her personal branding clients represent community leaders and high-profile worldwide business executives who seek more intention, control, and opportunity in how they position themselves.

An issue near to her heart, Lida donates tremendous time and expertise to helping military veterans transition to civilian careers. She empowers veterans with the tools, insights, and resources to find meaningful careers after service. If you want to get a glimpse of her story and her hear, please watch her Tedx Talk on Gratitude and Generosity

Lida has been instrumental in the success of Operation Civilian Support, her guidance and vision has been and continues to be immensely helpful.  Two of our most valuable resources are provided by Lida's exceptional work.

Your Next Mission

A personal branding guide for the military-to-civilian transition is a powerful and comprehensive new employment resource for the millions of veterans currently or soon-to-be transitioned into the civilian sector.  Every veteran who is a part of the Operation Civilian Support community will receive a copy of Lida's book.  "Your Next Mission" will also be required for our mentors to read prior to engaging with the OCS Veteran community.

Engaging with Veteran Talent

Engaging with Veteran Talent, is a powerful reference for employers seeking to source, hire, onboard and develop Veteran talent.  Savvy employers are planning the programs to attract and capture the contributions of this valuable employee base. Many employers struggle with navigating military terminology, adapting military skills and experience to civilian careers, and leveraging the character qualities of a veteran into their company culture. This book addresses those issues and other common employer questions:

  • What are the reasons for hiring Veterans?
  • How do I get started hiring Veterans?
  • Where are all the Veterans?
  • How do I retain Veteran employees?

These are two of the essential tools that we provide those who join our Joint Task Force and become a part of the Operation Civilian Support Community. 

We were honored to have Lida Citroën be our facilitator and key note speaker at our Operation Civilian Support Conference, please watch and listen to one of thought leaders in Military Transition and Corporate Veteran programs.

Supportive Companies

As Lida mentioned in her book "Engaging With Veteran Talent", savvy companies are developing programs to hire our nation's best.  These are just a few of the employers we have engaged with that are leading the effort for attracting, hiring and developing our veteran work force.

Veteran Owned Companies

The entrepreneurial spirit is one of this country's greatest attributes and it is just fitting that many transitioning military have a desire to start their own company.  We know our Veterans have the drive, the ambition and the courage, however we want to provide the pathway to help them navigate the early stages of their enterprises. We want to surround them with veterans who have started their own companies and provide insight from service providers who want to help them start their business's off with the right trajectory.