“Troops don’t come home to government programs; they come home to their families, neighbors and communities. Communities must step up to embrace troops and veterans, particularly once their battle buddies are no longer by their side. They need new battle buddies, but this time from their communities—people who can assist them in transitioning their skills, knowledge and attributes into civilian life and organizations. Government programs can’t do it alone, but independent organizations working together at a community level can.”   Army Col. David Sutherland, Special Assistant to the Joint Chiefs of Staff for Warrior and Family Support - February 28, 2012

Our platform is geared toward creating a “Joint Task Force” between our Military and Veterans, those who serve and have served our country, civilians who are engaged and want to become more engaged in serving our troops and companies who have military programs or companies who want to create and develop a military program for their Veteran employees.  We want to support those companies, civilians and organizations who are already doing the great work that enables our troops to "reintegrate" back into civilian life, become "work-force ready" and find “meaningful” employment opportunities through our “Transition to Success” template.

Lida Citroen will be one of our speakers and is someone who represents the inspiration behind all we are doing. Please take a look at her recent Ted Talk, then join us to learn more 

Our mission is to create awareness, show our gratitude, be of service and help educate others on how best we all can support every branch in our military and our veterans who have served. 

Our Markets of Focus for awareness and outreach 

Civilians – approximately 1% of our nation’s population serves in the military, which means, that roughly 99% of the nation may be unaware of the needs of our service men and woman and our Veterans.

Goal – Inspire civilians to support the needs of our Military and our Veterans.

Military & Veterans – Our primary objective is to help our Veterans transition their success in the military to success in civilian life.  Our "Transition to Success" map will provide the necessary resources for transition to a pathway to meaningful employment, employment they can find purpose in. 

Goal – Help enable 1,000 Veterans find “meaningful” employment and launch the “Transition to Success Map.”

Companies – Best practices is a term given to those practices which work and provide results. We want to help transfer the knowledge and "lessons learned” of those companies who are actively and productively serving our Veteran workforce, with those who want to lead an effort to serve the Veterans within their organizations.

Goal – Partner with companies to enhance their Veteran programs and place 1,000 Veterans in the St. Louis market. 

Our conference will cover four distinct segments needed to enable our community to lead the effort for: Veteran awareness, Demonstration of Gratitude, Service TO our Service Men and Women and Veteran Education. 

Check in - 7:30

Civilian & Company

Segment 1 - "Civilian Inspiration"- 8am to 9:30 - Inspire Civilians to understand the importance and the impact they can make in the lives of our Veterans. If you have not served in any military capacity, but want to do your part to serve the men and woman who have, then join us for this session. We can assure you, you will be moved to take action.

Segment 2 - "Company Engagement" - 9:45-11:15 - Our community is filled with companies who have chosen to establish and lead Veteran initiatives within their companies and there is no doubt we can learn from these folks. In addition, there are even more companies who want to enhance their programs or initiate their own, that’s what this segment will cover. Join us to hear the "lessons learned" and leverage our white paper to enhance and even start your Veteran program.

Lunch 11:15-12:15 – Connect with our Speakers

Transition and Technology

Segment 3 - Transition to Success" - 12:15-1:45 - The men and women who have served our country have done so by following protocol, a proven process to success and by learning from the best in their respective fields and branches. Yet when they leave the military, they are challenged to find the same protocol, proven process and leaders to follow. Join us as we walk through our "Transition to Success Map." This is a great starting point for Veterans to understand where they are, where they want to go and how to get there by connecting them with all of the tremendous resources available in our community.

Segment 4 - "Technology Opportunity" - 2:00 - 3:00 - Technology is changing every aspect of our lives, and is changing how the military operates today and how it will need to in the future. Where change happens, opportunities will arise. Some of the best career opportunities and programs are in the technology industry. We aim to learn from the area’s best on how to find and take advantage of those opportunities. Join us to learn more about the opportunities in the world of technology and how to take advantage of them.

Next Steps 3-3:30