The Mission

Our mission is to create engagement within the civilian population and workforce, demonstrate our gratitude to those who have served our country, be of service to those veterans who want to transition back into the civilian community by providing a process for transition reintegration into their "Next Mission" - a path to their own meaningful opportunity.  By working together we have a greater chance of taking out the target and succeeding with our operations objective of having 1,000 veterans start their "Next Mission." We plan to provide support using our OCM Transition to Success Map and our stable of 100 Mentors from Veterans Day 2017 to Veterans Day 2018.  

Join the “Task Force” and help us knock out the target, together we can succeed in our mission.

The Target - READY, AIM, FIRE towards "Meaningful Employment"

JTFT Target Graphic.png
JTF Target.png

The Joint Task Force

A task force can be defined as a grouping of units or focus for the accomplishment of a specific objective or for the performance of an operation.  Our joint task force is comprised of four critical segments that need to come together to support our returning military and Veterans in our community. Our task force is a combination of Military and Veteran leaders, engaged civilians and mentors, Veteran resource organizations and supportive companies, educational institutions and start-up programs. Welcome to “Joint Task Force: Operation Civilian Support”.

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