Operation Center Mass


We hope you were able to learn more about our mission and our objective for Operation Center Mass.  This website was intended to provide you with an overview of who we are, what our mission is and a glimpse of the resources, leaders and partners we have in the OCM community. 

On November 11th, 2017 we will launched the Operation Center Mass website.  It is comprised of all of the partners who are a part of our Joint Task Force and who represent the various quadrants of the Center Mass. We will provide access to the tools and the resources within our local communities. We will also launch our Transition to Success Map, along with our Communication Bridges and all the processes we have created for transitioning veterans.   

Our operation started on Veterans Day 2017 in St. Louis and will end on Veterans Day 2018 in Kansas City. Operation Center Mass is looking forward to partnering with all of the great organizations that serve our veterans across the State of Missouri.   We have our mission and our target in our sights; help Missouri become a state where veterans want to start their Next Mission in life! 

The Missouri Chamber of Commerce

As with any mission, objective or operation, rarely is one successful without the assistance of organizations who have the reach and the desire to serve more than just any one community.  Through many discussions and great conversations, we realized that Operation Center Mass could have a greater impact if we partnered with an organization that could take our processes to every community within the State of Missouri.  We are grateful to be partnering with the Missouri Chamber of Commerce and we look forward to serving the communities across the State of Missouri. We are also honored to be a small part of their larger initiative of making Missouri a leader in the region by 2030.  

Please take note of their 2030 Plan - An Agenda to Lead

Meet Tammy Long - Director of the Missouri Chamber Federation

An example of our Industry Focus - Technology

Operation Center Mass is focused on not only preparing the men and women who are transitioning out of the military for their Next Mission, we are also partnering with companies in various industries to create "communication bridges."  A communication bridge is exactly that, a tool to provide a person on one side (military) a bridge to communicate with someone on the other side (civilian employer).  We are partnering with leading companies in every industry (i.e. health care, automotive, retail, sales, manufacturing, logistics and many more) to create communication bridges to enable both parties to have meaningful conversations around employment.  

The Opportunities in Technology

We believe the opportunities for our returning military members is abundant in certain industries. Technology is one industry that with the right skillset and certifications, the opportunities are endless.  We had the pleasure of sitting down with three company leaders in the field of technology and this is what they had to say...

Technology Skillset Training

Hopefully the last video provided you with an understanding of the opportunities available within the world of technology. However you must have the proper skills and certifications to be considered for these opportunities.  Therefore as a part of the OCM process, we will introduce you to the organizations that provide this type of training and skillset development.  Meet some of the leaders of the areas best technology skillset development programs and listen to their words of wisdom.