How to Transition with Success

Through many discussions with numerous Military Support Organizations, we have discovered our "community" is filled with exceptional people who have the heart to serve. Our objective is to bring awareness of their great work to those who can benefit from it.  OCS is part of a process, not a program.  It is a process that looks for the best programs in our communities, programs that serve our veterans and have proven results.   As we bring Operation Civilian Support to the communities across our state, we would be honored to learn more about your organization and how you serve our veterans. We invite you to learn more about our task force and how your organization can be a part of our Service Providers and Resource Groups. 

Veterans please take note of the videos below. They are great examples of the people and organizations who stand by, ready to serve you.  Their missions are perfectly in line with ours. They are part of the pathway for your successful reintegration into the civilian world. 

Please take the time to meet a few of the exceptional resource groups and service providers. Their sole mission is to serve you and your family as you start your Next Mission in life. 

Meet H.E.R.O.E.S. Care

If you have the opportunity, we highly encourage you to visit the offices of HEROES Care. You will be met with the passion and heart of Jon Jerome, Founder of HEROES Care and Dave Woolley, Vice President and one of our favorite supporters of veterans.  Their story of how the organization was founded and the work they have done will inspire you to not only jump in and serve but also to understand the importance of what they do for the men and women of our military. 

Meet Frank Alaniz - Slate

When you enter into a foreign land, one of your top priorities will be to find a translator, an interpreter.  Frank Alaniz is one of the finest in the area. His knowledge and understanding of how to translate the acronyms and language of the military into civilian language is second to none and is critical to ones successful transition. Frank is a gift and is an immensely valuable resource to our veteran and corporate community.

Meet Kathy Bernard - Wiser U

As you walk through the transition process, you will soon realize the importance of having a sound resume.  How to leverage your cover letter, use the resources of LinkedIn and prepare yourself for the job interview.  This may seem daunting and uncomfortable. That is why Kathy does what she does and why we are fortunate to have her be a part of the OCS community.  She has simplified this daunting task into 10 easy steps. 10 Steps you can walk through on your own (not recommended) or with your mentor (recommended).