Our Veterans

I don't think we can ever express the full extent of gratitude for your service, because we can't fully comprehend all you have sacrificed and all that you have provided us. We are all thankful for your service. Our mission is to take "Thank you for your service" up a level, to "Thank you for your service, how can we be of service to you.”  

We want to be the first to welcome you back to your community. Our purpose is not to give you a job, after all you have never been "given" anything. You have earned every bit of your success. However, our purpose is to provide a pathway for you to transition into the civilian world and prepare you for your "Next Mission" - a path to your own meaningful opportunity.  

Join forces with Operation Civilian Support and leverage the OCM Transition to Success Map and all of the tools in our process. Our objective is to prepare you for your Next Mission in life. 

Please take a few moments to watch the following videos from some of the Military and Veterans who are a part of the Operation Civilian Support community. 

Meet Col. Jordan Chroman

Colonel Chroman has been an exceptional partner in our efforts and was one of the key elements in the development of our foundation.   Therefore we were grateful that he was able to join us for our conference and open our conference with his remarks.  Here is an excerpt from his follow up after the conference and his presentation during our conference. 

"I had the honor of serving as your representative and as the kick off speaker at today's Operation Civilian Support Forum at Washington University. What can I say - but WOW!.
This was a truly great event linking our supportive community with Veterans.  Gary Baker and the team put together a truly impressive event. This was the first of its kind hosting over 100 participants - ranging from Industry/Commercial Leaders, Veterans, serving military members, leaders from Washington University, Military Support Groups (to include AUSA, TROOPS, HEROES Care, etc.), professional image managers, transition specialists, and a number of other impressive speakers.
Another really impressive example of selfless leadership and innovation, the tremendous Mid-west spirit of support to our military and veterans, and the willingness by many to tackle this important issue.  Know that Veterans (and others) who leave that forum will be armed with real, actionable information.
Looking forward to providing support to this great team in the future!"
Jordan S. Chroman, OBE, Colonel, United States Army

Meet a few of our Veterans

When we decided to take on this mission, we knew there would be two critical elements to accomplishing our mission.  First, we would need to build this for Veterans, from their perspective and with their involvement in everything we created.  Second, we would highly encourage any Veteran who engaged with us to learn as much as he or she could from the OCM process and then transfer that knowledge to his or her brother or sister who is ready to transition out of the Military.  

The Veterans we are working with are leaders and are driven by a purpose to serve their brothers and sisters in the civilian world, just as they served each other in the military.  The men on this panel are first class individuals. Each of them have chosen a different path for their Next Mission.  While making the transition to a civilian lifestyle, you will have three options to consider:    1) go back to school / earn a certificate 2) take the path to a meaningful career or 3) start your own company.  

Our OCM Transition to Success Map will help you navigate those three options. You can view our Transition to Success Map here: ocm.

We are proud that these Veterans are a part of the Operation Civilian Support Joint Task Force community.